Petite fille qui participe à un programme de la fondation
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The foundation's action 

Our mission

In order to fight against inequalities in terms of access to art and heritage, Culture for Children Foundation designs and delivers artistic and cultural education programs for children with disabilities, in precarious social situations or suffering from illnesses, enabling them to stimulate, develop and reveal themselves by living unique artistic and cultural experiences.

Each year in France, more than 12,000 children aged 5 to 12 (from disadvantaged neighborhoods and from medical or social structures) take part in our educational and artistic programs, deployed in partnership with exceptional cultural venues.

Thanks to the intervention of our mediators during school or extracurricular time, our programs constitute a real creative and educational journey. They aim to connect children to a new artistic and cultural universe, to create close links with a work of art or heritage and to awaken their creativity and curiosity while encouraging learning.  

Today, Culture for Children Foundation has become a reference actor, partner of the French Ministry of Education, in the field of Artistic and Cultural Education for children in situations of exclusion.


Our programmes support two of the UN's sustainable development goals: quality education and reduced inequalities. 


Our beneficiaries

The Culture for Children Foundation is aimed at children aged 5 to 12, who are disabled, socially disadvantaged or ill. Each year, more than 500 beneficiary partners (schools, hospitals, social or medical structures, etc.) participate in our programs, including:

  • schools in disadvantaged or rural areas;
  • school facilities for children with disabilities;
  • facilities for children with disabilities;
  • associations and social centers...;
  • pediatric departments in hospitals.

In order to offer our programs to the children who need them most, the Foundation collaborates with a network of local partners in the social and educational field (academies, local authorities, solidarity networks, etc.).

Our partners 

To carry out its actions, the Foundation builds partnerships with key figures in the sector: ministries, academies, local authorities, associations, user representatives, etc.

© Culture for Children Foundation 2022 / Cyrille de la Motte Rouge

The impact of the foundation

The Culture for Children Foundation develops programs of Artistic and Cultural Education (ACE) as a powerful instrument for quality education, equal opportunities and social cohesion.

According to a study conducted by the OECD in 2013, ACE is perceived by policy makers and teachers as a way to fight against school dropout by making students love school and encouraging them to invest more in traditional subjects (French, mathematics, history, geography etc.).

EAC also enables children to develop individual, emotional and non-cognitive skills (critical thinking, oral expression, listening skills, self-esteem, etc.), which can be reinvested in the school curriculum to support and extend the teaching of the fundamentals and the child's citizenship education.