1. Art and digital


The national "Art immersion" program reaches more than 7,000 children each year and rely on the potential of immersive digital art as a medium of transmission. The educational and creative content of the project is developed in connection with immersive digital exhibitions presented in three digital art centres: Atelier des Lumières (Paris), Bassins des Lumières (Bordeaux) and Carrières des Lumières (Baux-de-Provence).

As part of this program, Culture for Children Foundation offers several possible routes, each adapted to the particular needs of children:

a. The program "Art and digital through the visual arts"

The project is structured into several stages that support the children before the immersive visit, with educational work o the artists featured in the exhibition, and afterwards, with creative work in the visual arts. The project culminates in a final performance.

This project is being offered in three areas:

b. The experimental project "Art and digital: Digital and Creation(s)"

Developed in collaboration with the Versailles, Aix-Marseille and Bordeaux academies, the aim of the "Art and digital: Digital and Creation(s)" is to help pupils explore the concept of diigital art and raise their awareness of the role of digital technology as a vehicle for artistic creation and a space for expression and innovation.It explores digital art in greater depth. In patnership with local cultural organisations, puipils work with an artist to create a collective digital work, thanks to this course lasting over 20 hours.

c. The experimental project "Art and digital: virtual reality in hospital"

The pilot project "Art and digital: virtual reality in hospital" is designed for children in hospital who are seriously ill and unable to leave hospital. To make up for the lack of outings to art centers, Culture for Children has adapted the exhibition for VR headsets, to provide culture a cultural interlude, a chance to share, escape and break the isolatin in their routine of care. A mediator works at the children's bedside, alternating the viewing of the exhibition with the headset, some activities and artistic practice.


2. Heritage and creativity


  • "Extraordinary architectures: the private mansions" (Paris) is a program designed to introduce children to the Art History and archiecture through the discovery of several Parisian town houses.
  • "Singing the Opera" (Paris) is a project designed to raise children's awareness of opera singing by bringing professonal opera singers and musicians into the classroom. 


  • "Discovering the 18th" (Aix-en-Provence) offers children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily life of children in the 18th century and to learn about the Art History. 
  • "The 18th on stage" (Aix-en-Provence) provides a unique opportunity to discover the Hôtel de Caumont through a 10-hour training course in scenic expression.


3. Culture and well-being


This program introduces children to the Art History through a sensory approach and physical expression. The aim of this journey is to introduce children to five French cultural sites: the Jacquemart-André Museum, the Atelier des Lumières, the Bassins des Lumières, the Carrières des Lumières and the Hôtel de Caumont. 

a. The "Danse Journey" at the Atelier des Lumières, the Bassins des Lumières and the Carrières des Lumières

The "Danse Journey" in the Atelier des Lumières (Paris), the Bassins des Lumières (Bordeaux) and the Carrières des Lumières (Baux-de-Provence) is built around the exhibitions presented in the three art centers.

b. The "Danse Journey" at the Jacquemart-André Museum

This program is built around the Jacquemart-André Musuem (Paris) and specially about the architecture of this town house, making te link between architecture and the body as "architecture in movement".

c. "Gardens in motion": the Dance Journey around the Hôtel de Caumont

At the Hôtel de Caumont (Aix-en-Povence)


  • With the "Between Courtyard and Garden" program, children discover the codes of landscape design and explore gardens through their senses. 
  • "Gardens Rendez-vous" is an event at the initiative of the French Ministry Culture to discover the formal gardens of the Hôtel de Caumont.