Back to the Dance Journey at the Atelier des Lumières


In September 2022, the Fondation Culturespaces has launched a new itinerary to discover the exhibitions presented at the Atelier des Lumières in a different way... through dance! A new way of introducing disabled and hospitalized children to art, through a sensory approach and physical expression.

Enfants qui participent au parcours danse

The objectives of this new course are numerous: to refine one's observation of a work of art and to appropriate it through the body, to develop one's bodily awareness and one's relationship to space, or to reinforce one's self-confidence. The child is thus led to live a new sensory experience and to reinforce learning through his sensations.

It is through this interactive and immersive pedagogical approach that a hundred or so hospitalized children or children with disabilities will discover the world of Cézanne, while experiencing a true moment of escape and artistic expression!

Why the Atelier des Lumières et why dancing ?

The immersive and sensory experience offered by the Atelier des Lumières invites us to develop a sensitive and accessible mediation. This digital exhibition reveals a personal interpretation of Cézanne's work by playing with movement, space and music.

By proposing a dance workshop within the immersive space, the sensitive experience is pushed to its maximum: the bodies of the young visitors are also in movement, inspired by the works all around them and the music.

"The principle of the Art History dance workshops is to be inspired by the technique of the artist and his works to put themselves in movement, making for example the link between dance and the impressionist "dancing touch". Laure d'Eszlary, conceptor of the Dance Journey and dancer.

Feedback from the Noisy-le-Grand Medical and Psychological Center

"The dance experience is meaningful, it's corporeal, this large space and light invite dancing! In addition, the children had a space set aside just for them, they could dance and do whatever they wanted in their space! Dance as therapy is incredibly rich, especially when immersed in the paintings. The children also really enjoyed the materials: having something in their hands helped them to move and create. It is a very appropriate program!

The parents and the children were able to share a moment around the dance in this magnificent place, at the same rhythm. They were happy, it was moving to see the stars in the eyes of the children and the parents! A space-time just for them. It was magical.

In addition to dance, this program opened the door to art: we distributed reproductions of Cézanne's works offered by the Foundation to the children, who took them home. Once at the Atelier des Lumières, they all recognized the paintings, and this made them want to extend the experience to other museums."

Testimonies of Anne and Marie, Medical and Pyschological Center.