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On June 9, 2022 at the Atelier des Lumières, the restitution of the project "Art Immersion: Digital and Creation(s)" took place, an experimental project that digs into the issue of digital arts with elementary school students. The Rector of the academy of Versailles, Charline Avenel, and the President of the Fondation Culturespaces, Bruno Monnier, attended the students' presentation and signed a multi-year partnership agreement to continue the collaboration between the two institutions.

Enfants qui participent au projet « Art en immersion : Numérique et Création(s) »

The "Art Immersion" program is an artistic and cultural education program (EAC) developed since 2018 by the Fondation Culturespaces. Structured in several stages, the program is built around immersive digital exhibitions presented in the three Culturespaces digital immersive art centers. In close collaboration with the academy of Versailles, the "Art Immersion: Digital and Creation(s)" project was born in 2022, an experimental project whose objective is to explore the notion of digital immersion with students.

"Put at the service of creation, digital technology becomes a formidable vector of dissemination, capable of creating bridges between eras, of making artistic practices vibrate with each other, of amplifying emotions, of touching initiates as well as the greatest number of people."

Bruno Monnier, President of the Fondation Culturespaces


Two elementary school were involved in this experimental project: the Bois Guillaume school in Evry-Courcouronnes (91) and the Les Mortefontaines school in Deuil-la-Barre (95).

On the one hand, the students were able to discover the world of Cézanne through the immersive digital exhibition dedicated to him at the Atelier des Lumières. On the other hand, they benefited from ten hours of artistic practice offered by a cultural structure of the territory for which the stakes of the digital and its impacts on the society are in the heart of the programming and the work of mediation: 

  1. With the Centre des Arts d'Enghien-Les-Bains, students from the Mortefontaines school worked on a dance performance with the artist dancer Christine Léger. during the restitution, they danced immersed in their own artistic productions, inspired by Cézanne's work, digitized and projected on the floor and on the walls. 
  2. With SIANA, a resource center for digital cultures, the students of Bois Guillaume school worked with the artist Filipe Vilas Boas on astrophones scores, in order to transcribe the position of the stars of their month of birth in music. 

The challenge of this experimental project is to build a framework for educational innovation by articulating various digital and artistic techniques around a single project:

"The Atelier des Lumières indeed provides an immersive experience that is an excellent way to enter, literally, into art. By choosing to use digital technology as a vehicle for artistic creation, I am taking a step further in this process of inclusion with the students, in particular by giving them a framework where they are more active. In my studio, they are the ones who create and play."

Filipe Vilas Boas, intervening artist 

A huge thank you to the cultural partners who have committed themselves to this experimentation, as well as to the Académie de Versailles, for the long-term nature of this project through the signing of a partnership agreement.