CELSA Junior Communication, the Junior Enterprise of CELSA Sorbonne University, has decided to support Culture for Children to promote artistic and cultural education for all.

Founded in 1986, CELSA Junior Communication is the Junior Enterprise of CELSA Sorbonne University, a major school specialised in information and communication sciences. Their mission? To provide students with professional training through communication consultancy services. CELSA Junior Communication acts as an intermediary between students and professionals.


Thanks to our partnership, CELSA Junior Communication will be offering its customers the opportunity to support Culture for Children by adding 1% to the total amount of their invoice, which will be donated back to our organisation. Each contribution will enable more children to benefit from our programmes. This commitment to artistic and cultural education reflects CELSA Junior Communication's desire to strengthen its social impact by opening the doors of creativity to children who are far removed from culture.


We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the CELSA Junior Communication team for this wonderful initiative, which demonstrates the students' commitment to the general interest.


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