Fondation Culturespaces changes its name

to Culture for Children


After 14 years of action and more than 60,000 children benefiting from our projects, a new chapter is opening for the Fondation Culturespaces. We have become the endowment fund Culture for Children.

Since its creation in 2009, Fondation Culturespaces has given more than 60,000 children access to art and culture. Thanks to the implementation of artistic and cultural education programmes, the most vulnerable children (socially disadvantaged, disabled, ill) have access to art and heritage.

After 14 years of commitment to the integration of young people through culture, Fondation Culturespaces has become a benchmark player in France in terms of equal opportunities thanks to its cultural initiatives for children in situations of exclusion, reaching more than 13,000 children every year. In order to pursue and amplify its actions, the Fondation Culturespaces, formerly sheltered by the Fondation Agir Contre l'Exclusion (FACE), is becoming independent by acquiring legal personality. This is why, from November 2023, it will become the Culture for Children Endowment Fund.

Culture for Children will continue the mission of the Fondation Culturespaces by striving to make its programmes even more accessible by adapting them to the child's personal situation. To achieve this, a wide range of artistic media are used: children discover a painter through the plastic arts, the architecture of a museum through dance for children with disabilities, a scientific exhibition through digital and virtual arts, the Age of Enlightenment through theatre, or a private mansion through opera.