Launch of the "Art and Digital: Virtual Reality in Hospital" Project


The lauch of our "Art and Digital: Virtual reality in hospital" project is approaching! Starting in June 2024, the first intervention at the bedside will take place in our partner hospitals.

This initiative targets children hospitalized in cirtical care units, who are isolated and have limited access to cultural experiences. Since they cannot visit an art centre, the goal is to offer them a culutral interlude in their routine filled with medical cadre. This pilote project is based on the exhibition Cosmos Destination, the ultimate challenge and it is a true invitation to travel through Space and expand their scientific literacy. 

Where and how ?

The first intervention at the bedside will be held in our three partner hospitals, located in three different regions:

  • Hôpital Necker - Enfants Malades (APHP) - Île-de-France
  • CHU de Montpellier - Occitania
  • CHU de Bordeaux - Nouvelle-Aquitaine

During each 1.5 hour intervention, a cultural mediator will visit the child's bedside, aternating between educational content, viewing the exhibition with a headset (segmented into chapters of about 10 minutes each) and engaging in artistic activities related to the theme of the Cosmos.

For more information, visit the project presentation page.

Our objectives:

  • Provide the child with the keys to understanding the exhibition while imparting scientific knowledges;
  • Immerse the child in a cultural space and help them discover an immersive exhibition;
  • Enable the child to create a personal artwork using various plastic art techniques.

What children are saying:

"I feel like I'm not in the hospital anymore. I have space all to myself." - Ziad, 10 years old

"Look, I built a rocket. It's called my super favorit e rocket, and I'm going to keep it with me all the time." - Prince, 7 years old.

"I love the star map! But I don't know if I can use it in Colombes, at homes, because there are no stars in Colombes..." - Shana, 8 years old.