Second edition of the project "Art immersion : Digital and Creation(s)"


For the second year of the project, the 130 primary school pupils from the Académie de Versailles who took part were invited to the Atelier des Lumières on 20 June 2023 to present their four collective digital works created over the course of 20 hours.

Based on the "Art immersion" project, this project aims to explore the notion of digital art and creation, and to give meaning to the growing importance of digital technology in children's lives. The programme begins with an introduction to an artist and to digital art (through an immersive visit to the Atelier des Lumières and educational and creative workshops before and after the visit). They then benefited from 10 hours of guidance from an artist on artistic creation, thanks to a partnership with three cultural structures from the schools town.

Jérémy Griffaud (from the Château Ephémère cultural centre in Carrières-sous-Poissy) and pupils from the Giono school made an immersive film based on the autobiographical aspect of Chagall's work. Martin de Bie (from Siana, an artistic laboratory in Évry-Courcouronnes) and pupils from the Bois-Guillaume school worked on Chagall's use of colour, using various digital tools. Dancers Christine Léger and Claire van Vlamerthynghe (Centre des arts d'Enghien-les-Bains) and pupils from the Mortefontaine school worked on a dance with robots to music from the "Chagall, Paris - New York" exhibition.


This year also provided an opportunity to continue rolling out the programme, with three new features marking this latest edition of the project:

  • Six classes from three schools were able to take part this year, with 130 children in attendance; 
  • The children's work was projected or performed in the main hall of the Atelier des Lumières
  • Pupils in the local school inclusion units took part in the project in a way that was inclusive of the school group, as it was one with another class.


Many thanks to the children and their teachers for this wonderful performance. Well done to the cultural partners and artists for their support! Thank you to the Académie de Versailles for its support in rolling out the project.


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