Singing Opera !


Between March and July 2023, the Fondation Culturespaces, in partnership with Opera a Palazzo, will be offering a new discovery tour of the Musée Jacquemart-André through music !

The music salon in the Musée Jacquemart-André. © Culturespaces

Since 2020, the Fondation Culturespaces has been developing several Artistic and Cultural Education programs around the Jacquemart-André Museum in Paris: the Extraordinary Architectures program and the dance program specifically adapted for sick and disabled children. Singing Opera! is part of it.

A unique collaboration between the Fondation Culturespaces and Opera a Palazzo

Based on the model of the opera evenings offered by Music a Palazzo in Venice, the live show production company Music & Opera has been importing this concept to Paris for the past ten years. Opera a Palazzo offers spectators a new way to experience opera in exceptional heritage sites, including the Jacquemart-André Museum, which has been offering an adaptation of Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata since September 2022.

By proposing a unique experience, Opera a Palazzo wishes to reach out to new audiences to help them discover the emotions and heritage of opera as well as talented artists of international renown.

The collaboration with Opera a Palazzo allows the Fondation Culturespaces to multiply its artistic mediums (painting, drawing, architecture, dance, theater) in the content of its projects by offering children a new path around music and singing.

A program of Artistic and Cultural Education

Singing the Opera! will be offered to a school class in the priority education program (CM1/CME level) and will be structured in several stages in order to encourage the sequencing of learning and to deepen the link with the artists.

  • An educational workshop, in class, around the discovery of the Jacquemart-André Museum, its history, its architecture and its artistic heritage with a focus on the Music Room. This workshop will be led by a cultural mediator from the Culturespaces Foundation, an art historian specializing in young audiences.
  •  A visit to the Jacquemart-André Museum led by the Foundation's mediator. Children discover the architecture and the different rooms of the mansion, including the Music Room. Duration: 1h15/1h30.
  • Nine workshops of artistic practice around singing, in class, with artists identified by Opera a Palazzo: two singers, the soprano Emilie Rose Bry and the tenor Christophe Poncet de Solages as well as the pianist and vocalist Katia Weimann. The artists will intervene nine times in the class in pairs (either the two singers, or a singer and the pianist). Duration: nine workshops of 1 hour each. 
  • Finally, a singing concert given by the children and the artists in the Music Room of the Jacquemart-André Museum in the presence of the families in order to encourage the parent-child bond.

The objectives of the program

As a partner of the French Ministry of Education, Fondation Culturespaces ensures that all its projects, including Chanter l'Opéra!, meet the three objectives of Artistic and Cultural Education

  • To enable all students to build up a rich and coherent personal culture throughout their school career;
  • To develop and strengthen their artistic practice;
  • To enable encounters with artists and works, and visits to cultural venues.