Musée Jacquemart-André

The Dance Journey

From January to December 2023

At the Musée Jacquemart-André, « Extraordinary Architectures: the dance journey » is specifically adapted for children with disabilities or hospitalized, in order to introduce them to Art history and Architecture through a sensory approach and physical expression. 

The workshops proposed in this project are adapted dance workshops led by professional dancers from three inclusive dance companies.

This playful, inclusive and multidisciplinary course, in 4 steps, aims to make the children discover their cultural heritage, and to awaken their creativity and curiosity while encouraging their personal development through an adapted dance practice. This program combines a time of knowledge acquisition (to give the children the necessary reading keys in order to prepare the discovery of the cultural site), a creative time of artistic practice through dance and music, and finally a time of sharing and restitution as a space of free expression.

The 4 steps of the program

Stage 1 | Educational workshop in the host structure : introduction to the architecture of the private mansions. Duration: 1h30

Stage 2 | Guided tour of the museum : guided tour of the museum's permanent collection. Duration: 1h30

Stage 3 | Dancing workshop animated by a professional dancer : danced games evoking the concepts of space with the movements of the body.

Stage 4 | Danced visit with the professional dancer, in the Musée Jacquemart-André : restitution of the danced games in the museum. Duration: 1h30

Terms and conditions of participation

Culture for Children offers the program free of charge to eligible childcare facilities: 

  • Structures for children with motor, psychic, mental or ASD disabilities;
  • Schools hosting inclusive school systems;
  • Hospital pediatric services (children from 5 to 12 years old).

Only the transport remains at your charge.

Presentation documents

  • Flyer (to come)


Bianca Ciampolini, Projects Manager :