Carrières des Lumières

Art Immersion (Baux-de-Provence)

From March to November 2023

« Art Immersion » is a national educational and cultural program developed in partnership with three immersive digital art centers, that benefits 7,000 children. In the South of France, the program is created around the exhibition From Vermeer to Van Gogh, the Dutch Masters, in the Carrière des Lumières (Baux-de-Provence).

Art Immersion is a multi-step program that allows children to discover the world of an artist in a fun and original way, to create a close relationship with his or her work and to awaken their creativity and curiosity while promoting learning.

The 4 steps of the program

Stage 1 | Educational workshop the objective is to make the children discover the universe of the artists honored in the exhibition, and to familiarize them with their works. Duration : 1h30

Stage 2 | Free visit of the immersive digital exhibition at the Carrières de Lumières. Duration: 1h30.

Stage 3 | Creative workshop : after having observed, explored and learned to decipher the artworks, the children are confronted with a creative activity involving different plastic arts techniques. Duration: 1h30

Stage 4 | Mini-exhibition : the children present their works in front of parents and relatives and to explain what they have discovered and learned. 

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Presentation documents

  • General presentation brochure
  • Presentation flyer 2023 – From Vermeer to Van Gogh

Terms and conditions of participation

Culture for Children offers the program free of charge to eligible childcare facilities: 

  • REP/REP+ or CLA primary schools, or primary schools located in isolated rural areas; 
  • Medical structures for children with disabilities aged 5 to 18; 
  • Social structures and associations (children from 5 to 12 years old); 
  • Pediatric hospitals (children from 5 to 12 years old).

Only the transport remains at your charge.

Registration is mandatory via the orange button "Participate"


Educational Kit

  • Educational guide - "From Vermeer to Van Gogh" (to come)
  • Detailed instructions for the creative workshop (to come)
  • Reproductions of the paintings (to come)
  • « Details » game (to come)
  • « Silhouette » game (to come)

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